Louhannais | Solidarity | A large collection of second-hand toys in the Louhannais

The Sivom * in Louhannais is organizing a large second-hand toy drive from Saturday.The operation is both solidarity (toys will be offered to the most disadvantaged) and environmental (by reducing waste).

Like last year, the Sivom * in Louhannais is associated with the national operation “Let speak your heart”, organized by Ecosystem.This operation consists of a collection of second-hand toys.It will take place from 21 to 29 November .38 collection points have been set up for this purpose: in the seven recycling centers of Sivom (Louhans, Cuisery, Cuiseaux, Saint-André-en-Bresse, Ménetreuil, Romenay and Le Fay) and in many schools.

All toys in good condition accepted

"All toys are accepted: electric and electronic, wooden, dolls, puzzles, stuffed animals, disguises for all ages… It is nevertheless important to check that they are in good condition and complete before giving them", explains Florence Therrat , prevention manager at Sivom du Louhannais.All the toys collected will then be entrusted to the Recyclerie de Bresse, in Branges.Which, after sorting and repairs if necessary, will make happy beneficiaries at Christmas."The second life of these toys also make it possible to support the reuse activity of charitable structures and the social and solidarity economy, partners in the operation ”, further specify the organizers.

The operation is not only meant to be united.It is also part of an environmental approach."Giving a second life to unused toys is a concrete act in favor of the environment", remind the organizers.Electric and electronic toys non-reusable will thus be directly supported by Ecosystem, to be decontaminated and recycled.

Posted Date: 2020-11-27

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