The best eshops to find second hand clothes for Baby

The arrival of a baby is most often synonymous with numerous purchases, whether in terms of childcare products (stroller, bed, car seat…), early learning toys, hygiene products, but also and above all clothing.Because yes, whatever the season Baby arrives, it is necessary to dress him well! While more and more people (parents or not) wish to consume differently and turn to the occasion to dress, why not do the same for Baby?

Second hand, multiple advantages

It must be recognized that buying second-hand products has many advantages, the first of which is that the price is always much lower than that of the new product… even though the second-hand product is sometimes a new product that has never been used! Moreover, opting for a second-hand product avoids bringing into our home something new, therefore potentially plastic (because if the object in question contains plastic, it will not have been produced for us), but also avoids turning into waste an object that is still usable.In the specific case of clothing, a figure quoted by France Inter estimated at 4 million tonnes the quantity of clothing thrown away each year in Europe.There are of course clothes in poor condition, but also pieces of clothing that are just waiting to be carried forward; second-hand clothing gives them a second life and avoids wastage!

Choosing the right second-hand shops

In general, people who dare not buy second-hand are afraid of ending up with poor quality or worn-out products.This is why it is essential to choose the eshops or shops in which one chooses to buy. On the net, it is essential to check that the shop in question is certified and to make sure that it is serious.

Resell on a second-hand eshop

Second-hand clothing shops also offer to sell the clothes you want to get rid of.The criteria are however strict: the pieces must be in very good condition (this is quite normal) and some eshops go further by putting restrictions on the brand and even the year of purchase of the product.In terms of price, it’s difficult to make a lot of money with the resale, however, it’s always that taken: not only we empty the cupboards, we do a good deed for the planet and moreover, we earn a little money.

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